With your needs in mind, LiME and Global Benefits Europe have developed a specialist life insurance plan, "The Life Protector". Specifically designed for Expatriates living and working abroad in non-hazardous occupations.

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For most people, their major concern in the event of a premature death is that their family will be able to maintain their lifestyle, that their children's education will not suffer and that any loans and debts are repaid. The Life Protector can help protect you and your family in the way you need it to, giving you peace of mind, providing financial security for the people you leave behind. Once you're insured with the Life Protector, your basic life insurance requirements are taken care of, leaving you to concentrate on your career and family commitments without undue worry about the future.

It is generally acknowledged that you should have insurance in place of at least 5 times your salary, so if you earn $80,000  per year your cover should be at least $400,000 to ensure that you are adequately protected. However if you are covering yourself against a loan of $150,000 then that may be all you will require.

​Life Insurance, "The Life Protector"

The Life Protector plan lets you choose the cash lump sum your family would need to protect their financial future without you. This could be any amount up to a maximum of US$400,000 or the equivalent in GBP or Euro. You will not need to have a medical to receive this cover either.

If you die as a result of an illness or accident whilst your plan is in force, your beneficiaries will receive your Life Protector Plan lump sum benefit. As this is a pure life insurance plan, there is no investment return. That's why the Life Protector Plan offers top-quality life insurance at an affordable price. You can renew your Life Protector Plan every year until you reach the sooner of your retirement or your 69th birthday.

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