General Insurance


We can offer our clients access to fantastic rates on every day insurance products which are often overlooked or never "shopped around" for when living as expats. We can find you the best prices and/or the best policies just like you used to do at home. Some examples of our great rates are:


Home Contents / Personal Posessions Insurance from just AED 565 per year.


Travel Insurance for a family of 5 travelling to the UK for 22 days for AED 195.


Car Insurance from 2.5% of the total value of the car.


If you would like a personalised quote on any of our general insurance products please email us here detailing what you would like a quote on.


​General Inusrance & Mortgages

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At LiME we understand that we should provide our clients with access to a full suite of financial products. We have therefore fomed alliances with other broker firms who can provide you with specific advice on Mortgages for all nationalities and for Mortgages on properties across the globe.


If you have already selected your property and have your downpayment ready to go and just need help sourcing the mortgage deal thats right for you then please contact us for access to the very best in independent mortgage sourcing including the best rates and servicing.


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