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You may or may not be aware that you are allowed to transfer pensions that you have previously contributed to, into one consolidated "pot". You can then control the growth and possibly access a percentage of the transfer or future value. Whether or not this is the correct advice for you depends on your own individual circumstances and should be treated with caution. However, if you are worried about your scheme(s): being wound up, becoming insolvent, changing the original retirement terms or if your situation has dramatically changed i.e. you are now divorced, then a transfer might be right for you. We do not take pension transfer advice lightly as its probably the biggest decision you will have to make whether or not to transfer. If you have recently taken advice on this subject from ANY firm either onshore or off, STOP before you take action.

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The following information is taken and edited from the Service Canada web site www.servicecanada.gc.ca

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) - CPP is a contributory, earnings-related social insurance program. It ensures a measure of protection to a contributor and his or her family against the loss of income due to retirement, disability and death.

There are three kinds of Canada Pension Plan benefits:

Disability benefits (which include benefits for disabled contributors and benefits for their dependent children)
Retirement pension survivor benefits (which include the death benefit, the survivor's pension and the children's benefit)
The Canada Pension Plan operates throughout Canada, although the province of Quebec has its own similar program, the Quebec Pension Plan. The Canada Pension Plan and the Quebec Pension Plan work together to ensure that all contributors are protected.


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There are two chief sources of retirement income in Australia. These are:

Superannuation: Australian superannuation is funded by employers, who must pay a minimum of 9 percent of every employee's ordinary time earnings into a compulsory retirement fund. The fund must be registered with and approved by the Australian Government. Some employers do this in addition to your pay and some will deduct this from your "remuneration package".

Over three-quarters of Australian workers have their superfunds in a balanced superannuation fund. This means two-thirds of their retirement money is invested in the world's stock markets.

Superannuation funds are not final-salary schemes, so your income when you retire is dependent on the performance of your funds, which is why many workers rebalance their funds, moving their money into less volatile investments, when they are nearing retirement.


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