LiME are pleased to offer their own "Private Banking" services. We are often asked what, exactly does Private banking mean? Wikipedia defines it thus:

"...investment and/or other financial services provided by banks to private individuals who invest sizable assets. The term "private" refers to customer service rendered on a more personal basis than in mass-market retail banking, usually via dedicated bank advisers. It does not refer to a private bank, which is a non-incorporated banking institution. Private banking forms an important, more exclusive, subset of wealth management. At least until recently, it largely consisted of banking services (deposit taking and payments), discretionary asset management, brokerage, limited tax advisory services and some basic concierge-type services, offered by a single designated relationship manager. On the whole, many clients trust their private banking relationship manager to ‘get on with it’, and take a largely passive approach to financial decision making.

Historically, private banking has been viewed as a very exclusive niche that only caters to High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) with liquidity over $2 million, though it is now possible to open private banking accounts with as little as $250,000 for private investors. An institution's private banking division provides services such as wealth management, savings, inheritance, and tax planning for their clients. A high-level form of private banking (for the especially affluent) is often referred to as wealth management. For private banking services clients pay annual portfolio performance or a "flat-fee", usually calculated as a yearly percentage of the total investment amount."

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The Rewards of Private Banking

​Private Client Banking

LiME is not a transactional bank in the traditional sense (ie: a current account with a cheque book), however, we do offer our Private Clients access to products and services that would normally only be available to those individuals whose bank would consider them to be of High Net Worth (HNW)​. Our Private Clients can access our private banking solutions starting from as little as investing £500 per month or those with a minimum of £25,000 to invest, custodian protection is offered in the IOM and/or Luxembourg and/or the UK.

As a Private Client of LiME you will enjoy the following:

  • A Dedicated Experienced Private Client Manager

  • Holistic Wealth Management

  • Professional Discretionary Fund/Asset Management

  • Tailored Solutions for your Specific Needs

  • Timely Responsiveness

  • Expert Advice

  • Exceptional Personal Service

If you would like to discuss your needs and aspirations in a wholly confidential manner and feel that our services can offer you what you are looking for, please email our senior management team by clicking here.

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