Simon R Naylor

Senior Partner, CeMAP, Cii AWF

After studying Law and working as a Project Engineer and then as a Project Manager, Simon moved into a career in finance in 1987. His initial career path was spent in Germany working closely with the likes of GMAC, Chrysler Financial, various US Federal Credit Unions and Amity Bank. He gained his qualifications from the Institute of Financial Services in 2003 and went on to open his own UK financial services brokerage in 2005 (authorised and regulated by the FCA) which is still in existence today.

He has lived in the UAE since early 2009 working for various financial firms in many capacities before opening LiME financial Ltd.

Simon is passionate about delivering the best possible advice and service to his clients and although his day to day running of LiME takes most of his his time he still enjoys working with existing clients and meeting new ones.

In his spare time Simon is usually an Uber driver for one, two or all three of his children. You can visit Simon's own website by clicking here and read Simon's testimonials by clicking here.