"Finding someone to trust in this industry was to me the biggest challenge. After working with Simon for over 2 years I am glad to say I can do just that. If you want someone to invest your money with as much care as they would their own then Simon is the man for you. I am very impressed by the growth of my investments over the past 2 years and I would confidently recommend using Simon to my friends".

Alistair O'Mara - Client Since 04-2009

"In my particular circumstances the results of taking Simon's advice are self evident as well as profitable and I have had no problem recommending him to my friends. I will continue to use his services with confidence and continue recommending him".

Michael Latham - Client since 08-2009

"Simon's knowledge of the financial environment was invaluable in selecting the right product for me. With his help, I now have a long-term financial goal and a realistic savings plan designed to meet this goal".

Dario Galasso - Client since 09-2009

"After meeting Simon and using his services to develop my investment portfolio am pleased to say that he has a realistic and genuine interest in guiding me through the minefield of investments. He is a genuine and informative professional giving sound advice which fits my current financial circumstances. I am very pleased with the product chosen and often told by other financial advisors that I have been recommended a quality product. I am pleased to see Simon".

Paul Billany - Client since 05-2010

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